No mic signal FWsolo with Presounus in PT
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Thread: No mic signal FWsolo with Presounus in PT

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    Default No mic signal FWsolo with Presounus in PT


    I have a Firewire Solo and I use it with Macbook Intel Core Due 10.5.8 and Pro Tools 7.4.2.
    Up until now everything has been working OK. I use a Presonus vocal pre-amp with SPDIF and for some
    reason it is now not picking up the mic. I also tried just directly plugging the mic into the firewire solo
    without the pre-amp and there's no mic signal.
    The mic works fine with my Ozonic but I prefer to record via the pre-amp and Firewire solo. Any help
    on this would be appreciated. The inputs seem to be OK. I have the latest drivers for my setup.
    Please let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    When recording through the Presonus via S/PDIF, is the Solo's control panel still set for external sync on the hardware tab of the control panel? If set for internal it will not receive a digital input.

    When testing the mic input on the Solo, was the front/rear button set for the front position?

    Before launching Pro Tools, check the Solo's control panel as you should be able to see the input signal there if it's working.

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