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Thread: ASIO Driver Error w Pro Tools / Cant use Synth through PT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothboy View Post
    I lost all midi playback from Venom.....couldn't figure out what was wrong. I re-installed the driver(Mac 10.6.8 32-bit) now it's working again. Whew but I"ll have to keep my eye on that.
    lol, yeah ive had people say im crazy that i wasnt able to before and shouldnt have a problem now etc.

    good to see im not the only one :P

    ill have more time to play with all this tomorrow after work.

    as far as the venom firmware, it comes bundled together with the latest update for the driver, which is referenced in my first line of this post as far as the version number.

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    I was able to get this fixed by going into global edit and changing the midi out to "KEY" on Venom. This is a bit perlexing because I'd never changed that setting before.
    Mac Pro Quad Xeon 2.66Ghz. 9GB RAM
    Snow Leopard 10.6.8/Pro Tools LE 8.0.5
    Ableton Live 8.3
    M-Audio Radium 61 controller
    M-Audio Midisport 8x8
    M-Audio Venom

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