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    I would like to get in to quadrophony. So I am looking for the right DAW. Here's a taste of what I want to do:

    Scenario 1: play back 4 channels of recorded audio, send them to outboard processors (FX boxes, modular synth, etc) and record in the same session the resulting wet sound. An extra set of 4 outs would then go to the amps.

    Scenario 2: I play a mono instrument, record its track in the DAW which then (i) simultaneously sends it out to 4 separate outputs on the interface and thence on to outboard processors and (ii) also records the return on 4 separate audio channels. This means I am recording 5 tracks: 1 dry and 4 wet, from one sound source. The output to the amplifier can be either the 4 wet tracks or the 1 dry track.

    So I need 8 analog ins and 8 analog outs for the interface. I am pretty set on the delta 1010 or 1010LT which is why I am posting here.
    For the DAW, it needs to handle multiple channels and be efficient with its routing. I am aware of latency issues and am prepared to fine-tune in post-production. The main issue I see, is recording while playing back. If the DAW can then create a 5.1 mix from that, then all the better. I am not sure what Pro Tools MP9 or Cubase 6 offer exactly, but I guess one of them can do it. Which one?

    I am running Win XP on a PC and won't be converting to mac. It's for a home studio, for myself. It's unpretentious and am looking for prosumer & not too expensive (the cost has to include all the extra plugins). What do you good folk suggest?


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    I would recommend the 1010LT and Reaper.
    I've been using a 1010LT for about 7 years with no hiccups ever. I've recorded 8 simultaneous tracks without a glitch so I think it will easily handle what you are describing.
    I recommend Reaper as a DAW because it is stable and the routing is extremely flexible. ) It's routing matrix makes it really easy to route stuff all over the place. It has a non-expiring\non-crippled demo so you can really make sure it is what you want before buying (and is only $60 if you decide to keep it.). I would really recommend at least trying it before sinking money into Cubase or PT.
    It also has a fairly extensive set of plugins that come with it.
    Cost wise you'll be around $250 mark (excluding cables etc). I have a mixer which makes hooking everything up a little easier but it wouldn't be required for what you are wanting to do. If you prefer 1/4" to RCA, I think a mixer is a better use of money than the breakout box of the 1010.
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