profire 610 64 bit driver freezes my pc completely
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Thread: profire 610 64 bit driver freezes my pc completely

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    Default profire 610 64 bit driver freezes my pc completely

    hello,i have a problem with profire 610 win 7 64-bit driver,when i start up my pc,it seems to work fine,but after an hour or so my mouse starts to lag for about 15 sec then PC freezes completely and hard reset is needed,after reset when i choose "start win normally"option in boot up menu,everything seems fine and working till next start up,then the whole thing repeat itself,so basically every second time i power up the pc problem appears after an hour or more (time after powering up to PC freeze seems very random, except it usually happens when i am on internet watching youtube videos and such,maybe coincidence maybe not).i have been using my default audio driver (realtek) for a few days and had no problems whatsoever ,so i am sure that when i am using profire 610 as my playback device this problem occurs(i suspect a problem with profire 64 bit driver).i have to say that i did have to change my firewire driver on motherboard to "legacy" otherwise my pc would not recognize the profire device,if that helps.

    i would really appreciate any help,at least where to start, because i have no idea how to fix this or even identify the problem,and i am usually good at this thanks in advance.

    here is my PC configuration if that helps (profire is connected in motherboard firewire port,i don't have pci firewire card)

    OS - win 7 ultimate 64-bit
    Motherboard - gigabyte GA-Z68XP UD4
    CPU - i5 2500k (not overclocked)
    GPU card - radeon 6950 hd
    RAM -2x4GB kingston hyperX T1 1600mhz CL9 DIMM DDR3
    HDD - WD caviar black 1 TB

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    hello johnydeltablues,
    i have the similar problem.

    At the first time i built my computer, i bought a PCI Express firewire 400, ieee 1394a and texas instrument chipset.
    there is a additional connection to plug on the power supply so i use it, to prevent any power failure but in case.
    When the audio interface is connected to the PCIe fw card when the session start sound of window is played , the computer reboot every time.
    if i remove the additional power supply cable, it change nothing to my problem.
    if i unplugged the cable, the computer don't crash every time.
    according to the system journal , it generate a kernel power critical error, maybe you got that too .

    So i decided to buy an old PCI firewire 400 card, this one has the same specificities ( ieee 1394a from Texas instrument), but no additional power supply cable to plug on the card, i suppose that the PCI bus distribute enough power for the audio interface to works as well.
    but in fact the sound card is disconnected from the computer very fast, i start winamp and listening some music, and it impossible to hear two consecutive song without switch on and off the card to initialize it again and again. it just very frustrating.

    Well after a long time and i don't remind why i did that, but i was tried to plug the sound card again on the pc express card, and the profire 610 has worked properly for several months.
    until that the issue begins again this latest days.

    So i try the pci card again, and i get the same issue then in the past time, and no way to use the profire 610 with the computer, i had to switch the power of, and use the realtek sound card.

    - it could coming from the bad conception of the pci /pcie fireewire card, maybe the device drain the power over the pc, but the pc doesn't completely stop, and the power continue to pass into the computer so i think this is not a problem with the physical conception of the pcie card, and the computer never crash when nothing is plugged on the card.

    - it could coming from the mother board driver
    - it could coming from the audio interface driver

    I don't have any other firewire device to test out with the pci /pcie firewire cards.

    Well if you find how to fix this problem , i am really interested by the subject.

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    oh sorry, i forget to write my system specification

    OS : windows 7 x64
    Cpu : amd phenom 2
    Motherboard : Asus m4A78LT-M-LE
    GPU : ati radeon 6590

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