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    Default Two 1010LTs in Windows 7

    I understand that multiple cards under Win7 is unsupported, but I am going to chance it and I am wondering if there is a certain order I should do things. The installation procedure on this site recommends installing the driver and then installing the card itself. Should I put both in at once, or let it detect the first one and get it going before I install the second one?
    I actually already have one card installed, should I remove it and clean out the drivers and start fresh before adding the 2nd card?
    Should I really just not bother at all?
    Any tips advice etc would be appreciated.

    I also see this in the newest driver release:
    •Mixed Delta cards now show up with correct name in Cubase and other ASIO clients.
    Does that mean anything or should it have "if you are lucky enough to get it working," in front?


    (PS I'm not using ProTools if that makes a difference)

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    If you already have one Delta card installed, you can just installed the second as they use the same driver. Multiple Delta cards should work with the latest driver, except the Delta 44. You'll need to slave the second Delta card to the first via S/PDIF.

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    I'm using 2x Delta 1010 and 1x Delta 66 in Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with no problems.

    If you're looking for more inputs, this is a very plausible upgrade option for you, and if you buy from a vender with a generous return policy, it's worth a shot.

    Some motherboards are more forgiving than others about running Multiple cards, as it's a hardware issue regarding IRQs and resource sharing, but if it works well for you, I wouldn't think into it at all.

    If you wanted to try purchasing a used card from ebay or any other place, it could give you an idea of how well it will work without spending price of a brand new card, in the event you would have problems.
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