Profire Lightbridge - NO AUDIO ( I feel I have made a massive mistake buying this)
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Thread: Profire Lightbridge - NO AUDIO ( I feel I have made a massive mistake buying this)

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    Thumbs down Profire Lightbridge - NO AUDIO ( I feel I have made a massive mistake buying this)

    Firstly let me say that I am not a newbie or novice to this at all and have been proffessionally running recording studios in the UK for years now.

    I have also always loved MAUDIO gear having stuck almost exclusively to it for years (since it was midiman) and also whole heartedly and enthusiastically encouraging all the bands that come through the studio to go out and buy MAUDIO for their home studios and setups.

    In the last year I switched from the project mix (i just didnt need the control surface) to the Profire 2626 (I wasnt too keen on the preamps) and now settled at the Profire Lightbridge running two Focusrite Octopre MKII's (one dynamic one standard) for my mic ins.
    I am also using Pro tools M Powered and MAUDIO EX66 monitors.

    Lets face it. I am an MAUDIO fan boy. Or at least I was till I got this lightbridge.

    As I said before I am experienced and also teach audio engineering at colleges as a guest lecturer and I just cannot get this thing to work properly at all.

    For starters, I can only get it to play audio without glitching when I have both the focusrites turned off (no good for me to be able to try to record anything then).
    I can get audio from the analog outs to my Mackie Big Knob and then to my monitors from something like quicktime or itunes. I can even get it to give me audio glitch free from Cubase SX3 (as long as I turn off my preamps so still effectively useless) but in Pro Tools M Powered I get nothing at all.

    I have installed the latest drivers. I have checked my I/O settings and Playback engine. I have checked all the cables. I have been through the trouble shooting guides. I have trawled the internet for two days reading similar stories left un resolved and spoken to people who owned one and then ditched it in a week because of all of the problems they had.

    I have now hit a wall. I run a commercial studio, I have clients booked in to start recording this week and I NEED this system working asap. I wish to god I had kept the 2626 as that was so simple and it just worked (despite not really liking the preamps in it).

    I just cannot for the life of me understand why I can not get an maudio interface to work with m-powered I have raved about this setup (with the project mix) in reviews and to students and am so unbelievably disappointed with this product that I thought would be the answer to all my problems.

    I have a drummer due in for pre production on an album session tomorrow that I have turned away because I know I wont have a working and stable system. More money lost.

    Please please can someone explain why I (and so many other people are having so many problems with this interface.

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    Default profire lightbridge audio dropouts (some small progress made but still not right)

    Ok, so I have made some progress after a lot of mucking about.

    I now have audio out from pro tools (Hoorah) but could initially only get it to work without either of my mic pres switched on. It was still running but every 10 seconds or so the audio crackles then drops out completely.

    I then decided to continue working through methodically. I changed the Lightbridge from being the master clock source to getting its clock source from the first mic pre on adat 1.
    I now had 8 channels of mic pre running on adat one, audio coming out of the monitors from pro tools and no drop outs or glitching (the drum kit was already mic'd up so I hit record and got the first 8 channels recording perfectly)

    Now I decided to turn on my second mic pre on adat 2. I set this to clock source internal and matched the sample rate.
    I managed to get signal into tools from it but was now getting the crackle then audio dropout again although this time much more frequently (say 5 seconds for arguments sake as opposed to the ten seconds from before).

    Any ideas. i really want to continue my support and promotion of M Auido gear to students and clients but I am getting frustrated.
    If we can get this sorted I will be so happy.

    Just so you know its: Profire Lightbridge > adat 1= focusrite octopre mk2 dynamic + adat 2= focusrite octopre mk2 (standard)
    And a focusrite isa one digital I was hoping to run on the spdif channels but havent even got to that one yet

    Thanks, I really hope someone from M-audio can help

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