Microtrack II dead - won't turn on
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Thread: Microtrack II dead - won't turn on

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    Default Microtrack II dead - won't turn on

    My MicrotrackII is dead.

    Needless to say, I haven't changed anything with the device since I used it successfully last week.
    I have been using it for about a year. Now it doesn't even power on.

    When mot plugged into USB, pressing the power button does nothing.
    When plugged into USB, it say "Booting Firmware", but it says so forever,
    and no pressing of any keys has no effect; it does not appear as a USB storage
    in the computer.

    To make sure it is not a depleted battery, I let it plugged in overnight,
    then tried again. No change.

    I tried pressing and holding POWER+DEL, and POWER+REC, and POWER+MENU,
    as suggested across this forum, but none of that does anything.

    Using the "rescue firmware" is not possible: the device does not even appear
    to the computer, so there is no way to copy the firmware files over.

    Can someone knowingly say what the problem is please?
    How do I fix that?

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    Forgot to add: this happens with different CF card, or no CF card at all - no difference.

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    I took the CF card out of the non-functional MTII, copied the rescue files on it as per
    and put the CF card back into the MTII. Trying to boot with MENU+POWER pressed.
    Nothing happens; when I plug it into USB, says "Booting firmware" forever; i.e. same as before.

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    I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, but if it's not booting and the reset procedures aren't working, something is malfunctioning.

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    Yes, something is most probably malfunctioning, thank you very much.

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