Wants To Use Profire 610 For Live Shows!
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Thread: Wants To Use Profire 610 For Live Shows!

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    Default Wants To Use Profire 610 For Live Shows!

    Hi good day all i want to enquire about using an m-audio profire 610 for live shows connected to a macbook pro running samples for a band, but in terms of connecting the outputs to Direct Boxes and stuff should i make a 1/4-T.R.S(stereo) - X.L.R(Balanced) cable and use it direct to the mixing consoles or should i patch it through Direct Boxes using 1/4-T.R.S(stereo) - 1/4-T.S(mono) cables??

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    Hola RicardoB

    I use it with my band with direct box. I have the 610 mounted in a case with a DI rack device with 8 DI units. I only use unbalanced jacks to send out the audio from interface to DI, then the sound engineer can plug his XLR cables from my correctly labelled DI rack, in one place it can take one software keyboard, one hardware keyboard, stereo audio from a sequencer or sampler software, one stereo guitar floor effects and one voice harmonizer.

    Anyhow you can make some jack-xlr balanced cables since they allow you to send audio signal from long distances, and the outputs of your interface are balanced too.

    You can use both possibilities, using balanced cables or unbalanced cables+DI boxes.

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