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    Question 1010LT and Guitars

    I read that you can't connect a electric guitar directly into the RCA inputs (unbalanced) of the 1010LT, some people said you need a DI box, others a pre-amp, I'm wondering if the Behringer HA8000 headphones amp will work as a pre-amp in order to plug my electric guitar into the 1010LT RCA inputs (unbalanced). Great thanks !

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    The HA8000 is not going to work for this at all. The HA8000 is a Distribution amp, meaning it takes one signal, and proportionally distributes it to however many outputs it has (in this case 8).

    A Direct Box is the way you want to, it's inexpensive and will allow you with minimal fussing to connect your guitar to the 1010LT. Some Direct Boxes have RCA outputs, some only have 1/4", so depending on the features your direct box has, you may require additional audio adapters.
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    Great thanks for the reply. I'll probably use then the DI800 from Behringer, is a very cheap and has 8 outputs (balanced/unbalanced), I think it will do the trick.

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    Im running an SMAudio Pro 8 Mark 2 - 8 in 8 out (8 Balanced) with Phantom and Inserts on each channel, using it as we speak and works a treat oh mega cheap off eBay too.

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