BX5a Blown Capacitor?
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Thread: BX5a Blown Capacitor?

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    Default BX5a Blown Capacitor?

    My BX5A studio monitor has been giving me trouble. It pops loudly when I turn it on, and it has a low buzz accompanied by static/distortion when I play the keyboard at even low volumes. I pulled it apart just to see and it looks like one of the capacitors is blown, but it is bulging so so slightly I wasn't sure.

    If this is the problem, for someone who has never soldered before, should I attempt this repair? Or take it in? Any idea on what a typic shop would charge for something like this compared to if I tried it on my own?


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    I had this same problem the on the day you posted! My right speaker pops every time I turn it on. I bought pair of HS50m as a quick replacement, but I would like to repair the Bx5a if possible.

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    Yes, definitely blown. If you've never soldered anything before, at least practise on something else first. It's not that it's difficult but it's still easy to damage the board or nearby components.

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