i got DELTA 2496 Rev-b SPDIF output connected over coaxiel to digital receiver
and also i got Audigy 2 ZS same connection method
(They are not connected in the same time)

so my problem is

while listening anything on coaxiel connection of DELTA 2496, if any voltage wave occurs on house
sound goes away for a second but on line 1/2 analogue connection there is no interfere with any voltage up and downs of house (example refrigerator starts to cold inside)
(also digital connection goes away in movies a second)

so i tested with audigy 2 ZS's coaxiel output and there is no problem at all.

i just wonder why there is problem with this card coaxiel output?

thinking to see this and buy Emu 0404 instead.

Searching to find a solution for months at last i bought a good power socket with electricity up/down protection but no solution after all.

Can anybody give an idea about it?