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    Default delta 1010 card not powering rack

    I have a redundent system used for 8ch playback. Two identical PC's running windows 7 64 bit. The only difference was one had a 1010 and the other had a 44 and a 66. While the 44 and 66 are perfectly acceptable cards, redundent systems should be identical IMHO. So I bought a second (used) 1010 system. So the new system didn't work. I tried the old box I knew worked, and it did not work, but I happened to plug the new box into te old system at the same ti e, it worked. Nothing added to the "new" system worked and eveyting I added to the old system did. The onlythi g that stayed constent in the broken system was the pci card. Anyone know what could be wrong with the card? I seem to have eliminated any powersupply or capacitor issues.


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    No one? Maybe I should be patient but that is not my strong suite. Does avid/audio offer repair on this?

    Quick response is appreciated, the show waits for no one.

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    The Delta 1010 rack unit is not powered by the computer, it has it's own separate 9v AC 3.5A power adapter which should have been with everything when you bought it.

    The Delta 1010 rack unit uses a "power on" signal from the PCI card, in order to turn on with the rest of the system, and if that is not working, I would first try to swap out the 25pin cable, if not, then the PCI card itself might be the problem for you.

    If the rack unit does not power on, it could still be a capacitor issue causing the unit not to power on. The only way to find out would be to open up the rack unit and visually check the capacitors for bulging or oozing material (sometimes both).
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    First thanks for the response.

    I have an entire other 1010 system, so I can and have swapped everything in every combination. Anything plugged in to the "new " card doesn't work. It does with the old card. I have to conclude that I have a bad card. A further discovery I made today was that with plug and play enabled in the BIOS, windows 7 sees the card but it only has spdif io with pnp turned off in the BIOS, the card is not seen.

    As I said, I am thinking that the card is bad. Is there somewhere I can send it for repair?

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