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    I just purchased a pair of Q40s. Love them except for one thing. The left ear's outside plastic piece (in the middle with the M-Audio text, plastic grill, and surrounding plastic piece with the "L" ear marking) is loose, and when you move your head up and down or tilt it moves around. From outside it doesn't sound too bad, but from inside it's very noticeable and quite annoying, it sounds like a kind of knocking. The right ear doesn't have this problem, it's completely tight and silent. Should I send them in for repairs? The place where I bought them (Canada Computers) says they won't accept returns for or refunds for headphones unless they're defective, and they say this doesn't qualify (though it's a definite defect from my perspective).

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    This doesn't sound normal, I would suggest contacting the dealer where it was purchased for repair information.

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