audiophile 2496 help with ableton!
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Thread: audiophile 2496 help with ableton!

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    Default audiophile 2496 help with ableton!

    First of all I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit, I have the audiophile 2496 soundcard installed with the latest drivers. I can get audio in and out. I also have a xenyx 802 mixer into that and my instruments into that. Lastly, my monitors are coming from the outs on the audio card.

    A friend helping me start with Ableton told me how I should change buffer size before I record to reduce lag (and recording is what I need to do for this song I'm working on). I'm in Ableton and looking under Latency in preferences and my buffer size is stuck at 768 samples. I cannot change it. I changed the sample rate to 480000 and in/out latency is 16.9ms.

    I checked the M-audio delta control panel and the sample rate and buffer size are locked there as well. They're 480000 and 768. I've been looking for a way to fix this for a few hours now and I'm getting frustrated. Haven't tried to record yet so I'm not sure if it's something I can just leave the way it is. Any ideas?

    Is there anything that needs to be changed in BIOS after installing the card? Because I didn't change anything and I think someone mentioned it...


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    and now I've noticed pops and clicks while just playing a kick drum loop. Trying to get rid if that now. Really need help.

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