Axiom25 keys won't work
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Thread: Axiom25 keys won't work

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    Unhappy Axiom25 keys won't work


    I've searched over a few forums (including this one) and could not find any useful help to my present problem.

    Seems that Nuendo 4 has problems with keyboards from the Axiom series and I have an Axiom25 (1stgen). My problem is not the recognition but the communication between the Keyboard and the VST I want to use.

    I have installed Enigma + drivers for the 1st generation of Axiom25 series and had used the same keyboard with both Cubase SX3 and Nuendo 3 successfully before.
    I haven't customized anything yet, so it's running with its default settings. All the controls seem to work OK, the problem lies when I press the keys to play a melody on a VST. The program recognizes there's input signals from the keys but the communication between them and the VST is not established thus not triggering any samples/sound.

    I've tried various different settings within the Device Setup menu, deleting the last one if it didn't work and even restoring my computer but no success.
    I've also tried to add the keyboard as a GM Device in Device Setup using the axiom25.xml file but no success either.

    Can someone help me please?

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    I forgot to mention, I've tried also to connect the keyboard via MIDI directly to the sound card's midi input but not having any different result. The sound card is an M-Audio Delta 10/10LT. I hope this bit of info helps to find a solution to the problem.

    Thanks for your time.

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    If the program recognizes the MIDI input from the keys, but it doesn't trigger the instruments, that sounds like a routing or configuration issue with the software. I would suggest contacting Steinberg for assistance with troubleshooting the software.

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