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    Hi, my GSR -10 Speaker dont turn on, i try cable change, but nothing happens. So, i think is a blow fuse, but i dont know how to change, take out specifically and whats the specification about fuse to buy another cuz im from Venezuela and nobody can help me here, so you are my only salvation and support.


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    oh! C´mon, today i take GSR to the shop, to change by warranty, but the guy in the store did a test, so switch on GSR-10 and WOWWW!! it turn ON!! in my face, so i brought it back to my house again, and dont turn on! is dead! why i dont undestand, I tried it in different places and nothing happen is dead, my other GSR works well, but this is to much, why turn on in store and is dead in my studio. dont know.... remenber i have another GSR 10 and works fine.

    By the way, fuse is fine.

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