Hi everybody,

I am new to fire wire, but being doing music since long and i used USB audio interface from m-audio it worked great with my PC. but recently i bought a fire wire solo the very first time it got detected and also worked fine for some minutes and then stopped working. Now after reading everything over the internet and trying all the methods that were recommended by m-audio tech and other guys who had the same problem nothing worked for me. I have a texas instrument FW card on my motherboard which came built-in. i have an ASUS m2n motherboard, Windows XP sp3, FW drivers all updated, i tried using a different PCI firewire card from fujitech, it still didnt work. I have an NVDIA GT8500 so i read on tech support that we must disable that card and try again but it still didnt work. I even noticed that my FW solo worked for couple of times and then stopped. i read the IRQ thing on m-audio FAQ so i noticed that the NVIDIA and IEEE 1394 are sharing IRQ 16. and i dont know how to reserve a specific IRQ for FW solo.

I am writing here after i wasted 4 days working in it, I m stressed and i need to make music not to do technical stuff.. Please help