Fast Track PRO - the easy way with Amplitube Metal?
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Thread: Fast Track PRO - the easy way with Amplitube Metal?

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    Default Fast Track PRO - the easy way with Amplitube Metal?

    Hello, I've recently bought FTP and actually I never thought i would get this kind of problem. So here it goes.

    I want to play my guitar with Fast Track Pro connected to my laptop and with my 2+1 speakers which have minijack input. Since there are no minijack outputs on the rear panel i've bought minijack -> jack stereo converter. I thought that I could connect then to TRS Output, but all I hear then is the raw, unedited sound of my guitar. Sorry for the question, but maybe I'm thinking wrong and it's just how the TRS work? It just outputs the clean signal without any enhancements caused by Amplitube?

    When i plug my speakers to the headphones output i get stereo sound in Amplitube, but no Bass in my subwoofer.

    Is there any way to work my way with TRS or Headphones output or do I need to buy minijack -> 2x RCA converter? Maybe that will help me hear some bassy sound finally?

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    A couple of issues here:

    1. Your computer speakers may not function properly with the FTP. Many are designed to take advantage of crossovers built into typical soundblaster type cards.

    2. The mix knob on the FTP controls the amount of input (clean dry signal) and return from computer (amplitude signal). You want it turned all the way to the return from computer.
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