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    just bought a 25 - whats the deal with the rotary knobs? when i assign them, they make the vst-buttons jump all over the place.

    i just want to turn the vsts knobs from 0 to 10 and back again, but its impossible. it jumps from 0 straith to 10....

    anyway - im sure theres a simple solution for this...

    best regards anders

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    btw; im on Logic Express 8. so far its just sad, no automapping as far as i can see. everything will have to be assigned manually, and to top it of the 8 rotary knobs seems to be completely useless. i have read the manual, yes - i tried the accel. max function and the CC# and the min/max. Nothing helps.

    was really looking forward to making music tonight, instead i got a headache and frustration to the max ....

    any help will be appriciated!

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    HyperControl is only tested with Logic Pro, though it may work just fine in Logic Express. Have you tried installing and configuring HyperControl for auto mapping? HyperControl configuration for Logic Pro

    Could you provide more information about the problem? Are you saying that when you turn a knob, it also controls buttons on the VST in addition to the knob?

    What MIDI CC's are the knobs sending? If the knobs are sending relative CC messages that Logic doesn't support, that can cause an erratic response on the knobs. Have you tried using standard MIDI CC's like 102-109?

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    Hi Jared, thanks for reply!

    yes, i did install the Hypercontrol for Logic Pro, but i cant choose Axiom 25 from the control surface menu - it does not show up. However im unsure about the istallation - and i will try again tonight.

    The problem is this; when i assign a button (like a lowend filter) in Logic to any of the encoders the knob in Logic moves all over the place. The lowend filter will either be fully open or fully closed, it does not follow the turning of the encoder.

    i dont remeber exactly what the midi the cc knobs are sending - 019-127 - i think. I will look into this and try using standard midi cc`s.

    Thanks for the help!

    pls stay tuned as i might need some more :-)

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    found out about this, might be just a Logic Express problem bc HyperControl did not work, but heres how i got the rotary knobs to work on softsynths etc in Express;

    its all in Logic. Go to Learn mode -->Advanced

    on the right side of the screen see Value

    min/max: 000 - 127
    multiply: 2,00
    mode: direct

    of course make sure Midi input says Axiom pro (u dont need HyperControl for this)

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