Good day guys.

I've just picked up a C400 and I am having a hard time was wondering if anyone can lend a hand.

This setup is on a MacPro running Lion for podcasting.

My issue is I have a hard time hearing (headphones) what I am saying in the Mic.

Now meters look good recoding comes out great.

When I play music though the headphones it's perfect yha i gear towards 90+ on the headphone knob.

Am I missing something I would think the built in preamp is good enough for the head phone since when I play music it load enough.

Could it be something with the USB power not handling both Mic and headphones at the same time. Maybe takes away voltage from the headphones?

I'm stumped Should I get an additional headphone amp? if so what would be good

Here are some specs
M-Audio Fast track C-400
Heil Sound PR40

Addition specs..

--M-Audio FastTrack C-400
Max Output Level into 32 Ohms -2.0dBV at THD < 0.03% into 32 ohms
Power into Ohms 20 mW into 32 ohms
Channel-to-Channel Crosstalk < -70dB
SNR -104dB, A-weighted
Dynamic Range 104dB, A-weighted
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz, +/- 0.3dB
Working Range 24 to 600 ohms

--AKG K 240 MK 2 Studio
Sensitivity 91 dB/mW, 104 dB/V
Frequency range 15 to 25,000 Hz
Rated impedance 55 ohms
Max. input power 200 mW

--Heil PR 40
This is a Dynamic Mic without phantom power.

thank you for your time..