Speaking as an amateur here, with little hardware-synth experience:

I am amazed at the range of sound I am able to produce using the venom now that I am building my own patches from the ground up, thanks to an iPad editor I made that lets me at it without using Vyzex (which is very full-featured but not much fun to use).

While all the preset patches are nice (and I understand that many were made to show examples of ways to use the features of the venom) I really found myself repelled a bit by their qualities. They are complex and in many cases intense or frenzied, but they are not deep / stirring / gut-grabbing.

It's funny, but I have found that by starting simple, I am getting fantastic, rich, deep, smooth, powerful sounds out of this thing that I never would have expected based on the presets. Maybe anyone who has studied synthesizers takes this for granted but for me (non musician) ths is just amazing.

My process is maybe what you all are used to: to turn off all effects and all mod matrix stuff. Set one oscillator up at a time - pick a waveform I like, adjust the envelope and filter. Mix in a second oscillator with a bit of drift to get that beating due to random frequency differences. use the pre-filter boost to get things intensified, find the right resonance and filter cutoff combination, add a little reverb or delay... Then the mod matrix so I can use the LFO to create subtle or obvious sweeps in the filter cutoff or other variations over time or in response to the mod wheel. I am getting some trippy stuff that sounds really good to me in a way I did not expect based on the factory presets. Reading a bit, I am guessing this is how most people approach music synthesis but to me it is new and amazing, and I feel like I have a whole new machine on my hands. The ipad editor really makes all the difference because it is immediate and multi-tactile, so I can use more than one finger at a time to simultaneously alter parameters.

The venom factory presets are all kind of absurdly complex - so many things adjusting so many other things with the mod matrix. I think some of the depth and power of the sounds this can make get lost in there somehow. Maybe all the emphasis on complexity and interaction has caused the richness to get kind of fragmented or overlooked.

Don't know why I'm writing this here. I guess i am happy about my new hobby, and cant think of anywhere else to write about it.