Hi there,

I may be missing some crucial piece of information, however,
I want to have immediate access to the controls on my Transit USB control panel.

I've been updating and downgrading drivers for it several times, and managed to configure
it to work with the latest drivers (which was a bit of a hassle in Windows XP

The problem is, I don't get the task-bar system tray icon anymore. However, it shows up
under an administrator account, and the registry and Autoruns have an entry for it in the
Startup, still it doesn't appear under my normal account. However, I used to get it before.

Do you have any info on this?

My setup is Windows XP SP3, Transit USB, hp Notebook 550 PC (laptop).

I also noticed that with the latest drivers, Transit USB had a problem with latency crackling,
but I think this was due to it being attached to a (powered) USB hub, so it kind of used to
lose priority over other applications (or even itself). This seems to have been gone when
I reattached it directly to built-in USB. But you never know, I guess. It used to work
differently with previous drivers. I also had random pseudo-random full level noise problems,
but they seem to have gone with the latest drivers. But the only problem left is, what I suppose
is EMI problem, which happens a lot, however, I do have it next to custom built speakers with
open air electronics xD

Anyway, it seems latest drivers need a little bit of expertise setting up, but when you get it right,
you realize a lot of problems have been fixed, which was nice.