What's Your Electric Guitar Amp Sim?
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Thread: What's Your Electric Guitar Amp Sim?

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    I really love Amplitube. It has both clean and distorted sims which do not convert immediately into a hollow dull sound or feedback. They are really controllable and fine sounding.

    I also like Stillwell, Nomad, and Native Instruments. Stillwell has many interesting tweaks and produces a good distortion. Nomad sounds authentic. Guitar Rig has lots of fun controls to play with, but the Rammstein amp is really good for some LedZep type heavy rock.

    Whatcha playing with?

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    Eleven, sometimes a couple of NI amp sims, The Sans Amp. I also use the Pro Tools B3 cabinet on guitars a lot
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    I use GuitarRig but I have some issues of feedback and noise I think it's because my single coils!

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    Might be. Before I went electric I used a crappy clip on pickup on my acoustic and all I would get is feeback and noise from all amp sims.

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    My two new go-tos are...

    Scuffham S-Gear for low-gain to moderate-gain. Think indie rock, jangly, classic rock, dirty sounds, heavy rock, just not metal.

    Kuassa Creme for high-gain stuff. Think metal, including classic metal stuff like Iron Maiden, etc.

    EZmix by Toontrack actually has some pretty good high-gain stuff in it's stock preset library as well.

    But Scuffham S-Gear and Kuassa Creme have changed my amp sim recording world for sure.

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