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Thread: iPad DAW + Venom USB interface

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    Default iPad DAW + Venom USB interface

    I know it is silly to use an iPad as a DAW, but I am an amateur here... starting small. Has anyone had any luck getting audio into the iPad via the USB Camera adapter for the iPad? ANy particular audio app work? I find Garageband, Loopy and EveryDay looper to be unpredictable - random drop outs and crackling.

    Is there any cheap USB mixer that consistently works with the iPad USB adapter?

    Am I wasting my time?


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    Ok I'm talking to myself here. The Alesis multimix USB works perfectly. I just use the analogue left/right out from the venom into one of the channels, the USB out from the Alesis to the iPad USB adapter. Seems like a waste that the Venom can't send audio to the iPad via USB, given that it is supposedly a USB audio interface. Oh well!

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    The lack of info & communication from M-Audio on this great sounding unit is beginning to look a bit ominous.

    It'd be a great 2nd step (1st step being, them ironing out all the existing bugs...) for us to be able to use the USB feature with the i-pad.

    I've successfully recorded into Garageband on the i-Pad3 coming out of the USB connection on the Venom and into the i-Pad via a camera connection kit. You can't (or at least, I haven't found a way) to monitor the recorded tracks out through the Venom's USB but you can play them in, one track at a time while monitoring through the head phone out on the i-Pad (sometimes you have to quickly un-plug and then plug the 1/8th inch jack back in again to remake the monitor out connection work??? Don't ask me why, I'm getting dizzy asking "why" with this keyboard lol...)

    There are some fantastic recording platforms coming out very soon for the i-Pad. For one brilliant example, check out the Auria from wavemachinelabs.com which is one great example...

    I do sincerely hope that this keyboard is supported by M-Audio and their collaborators in the future, It has some very awesome sounds and "nearly there..." features - Fingers crossed.


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