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    Hi everyone. I have a PMIO and while using Logic Pro or Garage Band, my guitar sounds very weird. Almost like the clean signal of direct monitor and the software signal of selected amps and stomp boxes are playing at the same time. When i mute the output in either program i cant here the guitar. I can go into the M Audio control panel and make it to were the signal is coming through even if the mute is on in the software and there is no difference. It is making my guitar sound almost out of faze or in the distance. I plug into the instrument plug on the front, and have the gain all the way down. The higher i turn the gain, the the more dominant the clean sound bleeds over the software sound. Its kinda hard to explain if it hasnt happened to you. I have set the latency as low as possible and anything else i can think of. Please help me if you have any kind of info what so ever. Thanx in advance. Shawn

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    It sounds like you are direct monitoring the clean signal of your input and the processed signal from your DAW. In the PMIO control panel, Mixer tab, uncheck the Out 1/2, 3/4 under each Analogue in.


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