Hello all,

I recently purchased the Axiom 25 (ver. 2). When I initially set it up, it appeared to work properly. However, I am now having some issues getting the Axiom to work properly with my DAW. I am using Logic 7 on a Macbook with OS X 10.5.8. I also have a Behringer USB mixer connected as well.

Here are the symptoms. I am not sure if they are related.

1. "Inst" button does light up or initiate any command.
2. Some keyboard keys trigger software instruments, while some keys trigger software commands (such as opening various windows, playing tracks, and recording.
3. Modulation and pitch bend wheels control volume of various tracks.

I understand I am using an older version of Logic. My main goal is to get the Axiom to work properly as a instrument keyboard. Then I would like to program the rest of the mixer controls (I already know how to program the global commands for Logic).

Thank you in advance for you help!