Word Clock and S/PDIF behaviour ProFire 2626
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Thread: Word Clock and S/PDIF behaviour ProFire 2626

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    Question Word Clock and S/PDIF behaviour ProFire 2626

    I'm looking to sync several interfaces where the M-Audio ProFire 2626 will be a slave. Basically the issue is one of the devices doesn't have BNC word clock, only S/PDIF for clock sync. I was thinking of taking a S/PDIF out of this device (Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 in standalone) into the ProFire for it to sync to. The question is would the clock then appear on the BNC word clock output of the ProFire to use to sync other devices that do have word clock input sync? Or even the other way round, if I used one of the other devices with word clock but no S/PDIF (Behringer ADA8000) as master, taking the word clock out of that into the ProFire on BNC, would the S/PDIF output be sending the clock so I could sync the Saffire Pro 40 to it, even though no audio would necessarily be passing?

    To summarise what I am asking is if the word clock and S/PDIF are independent when the ProFire is in ext. clock sync mode? When the clock is generated internally I would expect it to appear on all three (Word clock, S/PDIF, and ADAT), but if sync'ing to another device does the external wordclock transfer to the other two outputs of the ProFire.


    P.S. Assume I can't use the ADAT for syncing these devices.
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    When you sync the 2626 with SPDIF, the other outputs like ADAT or WordClock are synced on that, so you can of course use ADAT or WordClock of the 2626 to sync another interface. The better way of syncing is always from one source than daisychaining, but it should work!
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