Profire 2626 BSOD - i am so tired
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Thread: Profire 2626 BSOD - i am so tired

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    Default Profire 2626 BSOD - i am so tired

    Hi there!

    Has anybody come to a solution yet?

    I have the BLUE SCREEN with the sysaudio.sys randomly as well.

    Just to get that straight: Randomly about once a working day, mostly with my DAW open and work in progress.

    I have been waiting for a solution for years now, and have become so tired of it.

    Give me a solution! (or a reason why i should buy a m-audio audio device ever again???)

    AND: it is so embarrysing, when some great musicians are here, and I have the Profire 2626 bluescreen bug, and all I can say is: That´s the way it is with my great m-audio 2626 gear. (No support for that...)

    grmpf, Anton Herzl (my real name)

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    I dont believe a solution has been found as of yet. Follow this thread for more info: I think the BSOD are mostly affecting XP systems. Are you running XP, Vista or Win 7?


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    Hello Joelg!

    TNX for Your replay, I appreciate it!

    I am running xp. three years ago or so, when I set up my studio-configuration, it was still common opinion, that
    some hardware peaces would probalbly not support newer than xp-drivers. Especially some of the older hardware, so like my motu128 midi socked and some other.
    Changing all that to higher than xp (besides the cost) would actually only be an option for, if I could be kind of certain, that that would remove the BSOD-bug. But as I have followed the threads about it, it has become obvious, that the bug is not depending on the actual windows version and at one point it has been stated, that the actual win7 driver for the 2626 is identical to the xp driver.
    I would rather contribute to the error-research, if I was told which info I should provide and how to resamble it.

    sysaudio.sys-wise wishes & greetings, Dandy
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    Hi there!
    I still get BLUESCREEN reffering to the sysaudio.sys with the profire2626.

    I use windows xp and a texas instruments firewire interface with asynchron data transfer (as demanded).

    I get the error when switching to various applications that have sounds (like youtube, websites with sound, I make music with abletons live 8)

    Has anyone gotten over the problem yet? I would be thanksfull!


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    Well my experience with the BSOD bug is that it's an incompatibility between some systems and the 2626, not something in particular with the driver.
    I have one system where it does this on occasion and another which in the 3 years that I have that I have the interface has never done this.

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    So far I've figured out it's some kind of problem with sample rate change and initialization. I was having the BSOD on a daily basis, while using the 2626 as a primary playback device on Win7 x64. Every now and then when a signal with different sample rate was being played the 2626 would flash, indicating that it changed the master rate. Sometimes it would crash when starting a video on youtube, or while i was starting a DAW host, while other applications were playing.

    I figured out that I should dedicate the 2626 to DAWs only. In order to be able to listen to other sound, I connected my on-board audio through the digital S/PDIF line and voila - no more BSODs. Very crude solution but it works for me. I even dedicated an output for line-in return (better mic for Skype, broadcasting, etc. - all done through the on-board audio device as mediator for Windows). I disabled the Profire2626 device in Windows on the Playback and Recording devices menus, so it stays "under the radar" for use by Windows.

    Nevertheless, I don't know where the problem is - driver, framework, windows, hardware...

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    Hi there!

    I have been fiddling with my system-peroperties again and kicked out anything that had to do with the motherboards internal audio-device and driver and I have not seen a BlueScreen since.
    This is the other way, that everybody told me to do here: To use the profire2626 only for the audio production.
    Since I want to be fair on the m-audio product I will only return with complaint here, as soon as I might receive a bluescreen again.

    Good luck to you all!

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    Since installing an SSD I've gotten BSOD several times, where I never got it before with a RAID 0 setup.

    I tried disabling just the Profire in the Sound control panel of Win 7, but still got BSOD.

    Now I've disabled everything except the Profire. It seems to be working so far.

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    Update: I still DO have BSOD once in a while. Especially if I use say Youtube and some music DAW (Ableton Live 8) is on at the same time. It comes up with some report mentioning the audio.sys in it. But to be honest: I am saving money for a rammfire allready anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandy Dust View Post
    Update: I still DO have BSOD once in a while. Especially if I use say Youtube and some music DAW (Ableton Live 8) is on at the same time. It comes up with some report mentioning the audio.sys in it. But to be honest: I am saving money for a rammfire allready anyways.

    Actually just the night before last I got BSOD again. It reads "APC INDEX MISMATCH".

    I've never gotten BSOD while having Pro Tools open, it usually happens while I'm online or when waking up the computer from sleep, and YES it has crashed while using You Tube.

    This is not a major problem for me in my home studio, but I would never trust this setup in front of paying clients!

    Yeah I'm already sizing up a new PC build, even thinking of getting one of the new Mac Mini's with a faster hard drive option.

    Haven't heard of Rammfire I will check it out!

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