1814 Driver Installation on Windows 7 (64)
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Thread: 1814 Driver Installation on Windows 7 (64)

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    Post 1814 Driver Installation on Windows 7 (64)

    Hello M-Audio Forum Members,

    I can't successfully install the 1814 Driver on my lenovo ideapad running OS Windows 7 (64 bit).

    Once I had the driver installed and running, but after not using it for some month, it doesn't run anymore. So I downloaded the latest driver (can't find an older version) FireWire_6_0_1_5_10_0_5058.

    When installing, it offers only repair or remove, so I choose repair.
    When repairing M-Audio FireWire Driver 6.0.1 (x64) is completed and I did a reboot, I can't find the M-Audio software installed. I only find the FireWire Device Enabler which has this windows shield in the logo typically used when the OS needs an update in order to run the software.
    I did a windows update, but the shield still appears in the logo.

    When clicking on the FireWire Device Enabler, the following windows pops up:
    This application enables driver installation for the FW Solo, NRV10 and ProjectMix I/O under Vista.
    Please remove all FireWire devices first. Then hit Start.

    First, I find it wired that the FW 1814 is not listed and that it refers to Visa OS, although I use and downloaded the driver for Windows 7.
    Well, after removing FW devices and hitting start, another windows pops up saying:
    Installing the FireWire firmware updater driver. Please wait.
    However, nothing happens...

    Once it asked me to connect the FireWire device and click on the Enable Button. After doing it, nothing happens...

    I still don't see any M-Audio driver software on my machine.
    In earlier versions, after the driver installation there was the possibility to make adjustments in a virtual mixer for the 1814.

    Does anyone has advices how to get this going?
    Thank you, Michael

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    Can you check Device Manager and see if the 1814 is being detected there? It sounds like the driver is already installed (why it is asking you to repair or remove). Try removing the driver, rebooting, and reinstalling.


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    Default 1814 not listed in Device Manager

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for trying to help. I don't see the 1814 in the Device Manager listed. Where should I find it exactly?

    Thanks, mikkolaus

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    It should show up under Sound controllers or unknown devices. Can you test it on another computer to see if it is working?

    You might also want to try changing to the legacy firewire driver. I use a Lenovo as well (thinkpad) and had to get an ExpressCard firewire adapter with a Texas Instruments chipset to get my FW gear working properly (it detected, but had audio dropouts).


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    Hi Joel,

    The sound driver showed up as soon as I had the express card IEEE 1394A plugged.
    Recognition of Driver After IEEE is plugged.jpg

    So, I ran the FW Device Enabler again which led me to the window where I was asked again to disconnect all FW devices.
    FW Device Enabler.jpg

    Then, I was asked to plug in all FW devices.
    M-Audio After pluggin in FW device.jpg

    I saw that the yellow sign that first showed up at the %MAFWFU.DeviceDesc% went away.
    After FW Driver Enable and Express Card plugged in.jpg

    BUT at the end, there was no difference. It still doesn't work and I wonder if there doesn't exist any virtual mixer board of the FW1814 anymore.

    I changed the legacy driver following the instructions.

    Still no difference.

    Some month ago, the audio interface ran very smooth on this computer. I also use it on my MacBook. That is, the problem shouldn't be on the audio interface side or FW cable.

    What else?
    Thanks, Michael

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