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    Default USB 3.0 for the macbook pro

    I apologize if this has been posted already, but I did a search for USB 3.0 and nothing came up.

    I am considering purchasing a new MacBook Pro but they all only have USB 3.0 connections now, and M-audio says that it's devices do not support USB3.0. Are there plans to release a driver for so that they can be used on usb 3.0? Is there a workaround if you hook it up to a USB 2.0 hub, or is it a lost cause?

    I currently use a Fast Track Pro and Axiom Pro 49.



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    You have just solved my problem, and I might have a solution to yours! I thought that my M-Audio Transit did not work because of Mac OS X 10.7.4 (the latest driver is 10.7.2). But your post suggested it might be due to USB3. Solution: connect it through a USB2 hub. Just tried it (a dirt cheap one from ASDA) and it works perfectly!
    Great. Be warned that the Audio I/O port on the new Macs is practically useless for input, so you will need a USB sound card for any audio work.


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    Thats good to hear. I'm still spooked about the new macbooks, especially since there is no firewire and the adapter from Thunderbolt to Firewire is on its way. Do you know if Akai has the same issues with USB 3.0 that M-audio does? I have an APC 40 and MPD18 that I use for performance and it will be useless to get a new laptop if none of my other gear works with it.

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    Currently, I have hub, but fast track pro works awful through it.
    I just plug it in my new mybookpro (apple designed usb 3.0 ports to be compatible with usb 2.0 devices) Works fine for me, but sometimes drivers seems to be offline after working with sound in flash (playing videos gives the same result). And only rebooting of audiointerface works. Don't know, what to do with this O_O

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