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Thread: Firewire 410 & Mountain Lion

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    Thanks for the headsup everyone. Definitely, I fear of all those issues that you've been having. I'm afraid to upgrade it to Mountain Lion and am really tired of checking the driver update everyday. Many months have passed since Mountain Lion's launch and I don't know if M-Audio cares about their customers, or is it that they are forcing you to buy their new audio interface...I wish they release the driver update for Firewire 410 asap. Mountain Lion is well-fine tuned from Lion and the OS runs so much smoother and faster...

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    Default Can't record without buffer overrun crackly disgusting sound

    Quote Originally Posted by mercer77 View Post
    Same here, input sounds like a Darlek, crackly and distorted. Really irritated by this, you upgrade because you think it will make things better, and it cocks it all up for you. Dying to get Logic going on my lovely new lightening quick SSD too! I'm guessing that the 410 is pretty old now, and they can't write drivers for it forever. Are there any open source drivers we can use?
    I just want to cosign I'm getting the same reaction out of my late 2011 Macbook Pro (2.2 intel core i7) with 8 gigs of 1333 mhz ram and Firewire 1814. Makes no sense. Worked fine with my older system. Now it's worthless except as a midi input.

    Please M-audio, fix this and soon. I buy M-audio keyboards and peripherals, but my business is about to go elsewhere if you guys aren't aggressively supporting apple upgrades.

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    Same exact problem here… when M-AUDIO will release a new driver? Can't record with that noise that step in anytime. I'm on OS X 10.8.2.

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    Yea same problem. OS X 10.8.2 (Thats two iterations of 10.8 already!) & M-AUDIO Firewire 410 with Logic 9.

    This only pushes me to not choose M-AUDIO for my now imminent audio interface upgrade.

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    Actually ..

    just downloaded beta version of driver 1.10.5, and all is well so far (half hour into use).

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    Where can I get mountain lion beta driver for FireWire 410? Can someone post a link?

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    Default 1.10.5 beta

    Quote Originally Posted by codecowboy View Post
    Where can I get mountain lion beta driver for FireWire 410? Can someone post a link?
    I was having the same issue, weird robot sounds, and couldn't alleviate the problem. I installed this beta, even though it doesn't directly list 410 as a supported device, and so far so good. I would suggest giving it a shot.

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    The 1.10.5 driver was released (no longer beta), it is for all of the Firewire series devices (FW410, FW Solo, FW Audiophile, PMIO, Ozonic, FW1814, NRV 10 and ProFire Lightbridge) For some reason, it isn't showing in the driver download for some devices. Try selecting the Project Mix I/O and download the driver from there, it will work for the 410.

    Please note, that driver is not for the Pro Fire 610 or Pro Fire 2626.


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    After seeing Joel's advice i installed v1.10.5 on Lion (to see if the occasional distortion goes away ...).
    Later on all of my sound devices have disappeared.
    Tried pram reset etc.. nothing. Then i reinstalled Lion (10.7.2, not clean install) and still nothing.

    Searching the internet i found some issues when users installed new drivers on the older version....bang. That was it, which i usually never do.
    Had to uninstall it first and then install 1.10.5.
    No distortion so far.

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    Went through quite an ordeal - during a pro session - with the Firewire 410/ Mountain Lion issues (Logic recordings sounding like robots). After time and expense, determined it to be the M-Audio driver. Found a beta driver through this forum. Solved the problem. HOWEVER - today, did an OSX update. Problem is BACK! Anyone? New driver?
    Any help much appreciated!
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