Firewire 410 Sound Playback Problem
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    Default Firewire 410 Sound Playback Problem

    Hi, i have had my firewire 410 for about 5 years now.

    I have used it on a medion computer with XP and it has worked great.

    that medion is now 9 years old and slowly breaking so i bought a new computer:

    Gateway GT5678
    Vista 64 bit SP 1
    Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
    4 Gigs Ram
    PciExpress Firewire Card
    M-Audio firewire 410

    I downloaded the beta driver for my device

    I ran it, everything went fine.i shut down my computer. i plug in my device, and reboot.

    The firmware updates fine, and so i click on the Tray icon. everything shows up for the control panel, looks normal.

    this is where my problem starts.

    When connect a mic, sound registers as incoming on line 1 in the control panel. when i try to play a sound file off my computer , the program wont play it. even when i change the default playback device to "m audio multichanel"

    i have followed all instructions on this forum, as well as read the FAQ and the Firewire Troubleshooting Guide . i have tried re installing it 3 times now.

    the only reason i bought this computer was to record my music. i literally spent my last penny on it, which sucks.

    i really need it to work.

    please help me.

    i might add i do not have internet connection on that new computer. i use this laptop, and transfer everything to that new computer Viz usb flash card.

    thank you

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    Maybe this problem and solution of mine also applies to your situation? LOL I still have to do the dirty turn off/on hack after each reboot and no m-audio rep has ansered there. But it helps.

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    What audio software are you running? Do you see the output meters moving in the Firewire Control Panel? Have you read through the Firewire Troubleshooting Guide .

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