Delta 1010 Troubleshooting - CPU Throttling
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Thread: Delta 1010 Troubleshooting - CPU Throttling

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    Default Delta 1010 Troubleshooting - CPU Throttling

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to quickly share the results of my own click and pop troubleshooting.

    I have a 1010 that was giving me clicks and pops at all sample rates above 44.1, but was playing 44.1 ok.

    I have a Desktop Core 2 Duo, and after exhausting (and exhausting myself) all other options I noticed something unusual: Even though I had CPU throttling (Speedstep I believe Intel calls it) disabled in BIOS, XP was still throttling the CPU (I could see this with any application that shows the current CPU clock- google CPUID for such a program)

    I had to install a utility to disable CPU throttling on startup, to keep the clock at a constant speed.

    This instantly solved my problem- no more clicks and pops.

    If you're experiencing clicks at high sample rates only, and you have a Core 2 Duo, or any other CPU that supports throttling, you might want to look into this.

    I downloaded this free utility:

    Under advanced CPU settings, I had to uncheck Enable Extended Throttling AND Enable Enh. Halt (C1E)

    This may work for someone else, so I figured I'd post it.
    If anyone knows of a more direct way to disable speedstep on a desktop (NOT A LAPTOP) in XP, please let me know, cause this little utility gobbles up a couple meg of ram.

    For those wondering it was a MS-7241 (Intel G965) motherboard, with the latest BIOS. Hyperthreading and Speedstep were disabled, to no effect.

    Best of Luck.

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    Default A quick thank you.

    I registered because your fix worked for me, and therefore to thank you profusely.

    I recently upgraded my computer with new, well, everything, and my Delta 1010 went from functioning (but underpowered, CPU-wise) to popping and clicking on my new Core 2 Quad. After about 5-15 minutes in Sonar 8 PE, the popping would start, causing my sound to crackle going forward, and I couldn't rectify it until rebooting.

    I did the PCI card shuffle, disabled onboard sound as well as Asus Xonar DX sound, tried different recording rates, etc. Didn't help. Uninstalled, reinstalled, etc.

    Even more disappointing, this was on XP SP3, 32-bit. So we're not even talking about beta drivers.

    My Gigabyte BIOS allowed me to disable "Enable Enh. Alt (C1E)" (all other thermal throttling was already disabled), and I ended up disabling onboard sound (Realtek) AND uninstalling all onboard sound drivers.

    After that, the Delta 1010 is playing beautifully, and living comfortably with the Xonar DX enabled, plus full graphics acceleration (Nvidia GTX 260). No pops, no crackles. Happy days.

    Thank you very much!

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    Default That's it! My clicks are gone!

    Thank you so much for posting this information. I was having playback clicks noticeable at any rate above 44.1k. Once I unchecked "Enable Enh. Halt (C1E)" this is gone.

    I had tried everything. The only thing that would fix it was swapping my delta 1010 to an older PC.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't have problems a year ago with this same setup.

    Does anyone know what caused this to start failing? Was it an XP service pack update from Microsoft? A driver update from m-audio?

    Does M-Audio care to comment on this problem?

    I was about this close to selling my delta 1010 and buying a new audio I/O system.

    (No thanks to the M-audio faq.)

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    I really, really have to thank you for solving my problem Amorphis, now I can work happily with my three delta 1010's and my big stupid mega super quad processor two-tera four gigs ram bla bla. I have downloaded that little wonder called rmclock, uncheck the right boxes and FINALLY I have what I need.

    Just one question, in the advanced tab I unchecked only Enable Extended Throttling AND Enable Enh. Halt (C1E), but not the other boxes called enable thermal monitor 1,2 amd sync TM1 in cpu cores. What do you suggest, to leave them checked or not?

    I have a dual boot system with xp on both partitions, one with the old driver and xp sp2 and the other with the latest drivers and xp sp3, but now they both work flawlessly without any more clicks, pops and other funny noises.

    Sincerely, thank you man.


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    I really was hoping this solution would fix my problem, but it hasn't and I'm now at the point where I'll have to sell my Delta 1010LT and buy something else!... unless somebody else can suggest anything....??

    So to the problem....

    I have a delta 1010LT installed in a Win XP SP3 system, it all used to work fine on my old P4 3Ghz box but since upgrading the system to a Quad core 2.6 Ghz I've been having problems.

    I'm using this machine as my HTPC to play music/video/live TV via the SPDIF into my Meridian 568 processor.

    What is happening is every so often (2 to 5 minutes) my 568 processor loses lock with the Delta 1010LT and I lose sound for a second, then it all comes good again.

    I have the motherboard audio disabled, but if I enable it and use the motherboard SPDIF out I don't get this problem at all just everythig gets converted to 48K which I don't want!

    I only have one PCI slot on the motherboard and even if I set the PCI1 irq to 5 (which isn't being used) windows still seems to allocate the delta to irq 20.... and I have no idea how to force the delta to irq5!

    I've tried all the suggestions in this tread and any others I can find via this forum but nothing has resolved it.

    I love the sound this card produces in my system, but can't put up with the drop outs. So can anybody suggest anything before this card gets removed and I try another card like an e-mu 0404 I could try an Audiophile 2496 but am worried the same thing will happen as it's the same brand.

    So any other ideas/experiences out there please????

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    I'm glad this helped some people out there, that was really good to read.

    As for the other gentleman having problems, sorry but I have no idea really. This was a fix specifically for popping on certain sample rates with cpu throttling being the culprit.

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    sorry for bumping an old thread, but this is the only solution to my problem I could find, and thought it needed to be resurfaced. I was so dissapointed when i installed my shiny new quad core and i got so much crackling it was driving me mad! Throttling is the suspect here! Turn it off!

    edit: Just thought I'd mention that this worked for my delta 66 even though the OP listed 1010

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    Thank you very much Amorphis ! This will save a lot of people.

    It worked very well for my Core 2 Quad - Q9550 system !

    Before deactivating in BIOS, I did not need to use the software too. And my SONAR is running smooth now !

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    Default hmmm..

    Awesome After disabling 'CPU Enhanced Halt' and 'CPU EIST Function' it now works like a dream

    Well chuffed! cheers! no need to sell the card now!!
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    Not so surprisingly, it worked here too. Q9400 system. static between 23-96kHz only in playback.

    I'm surprised though, disabling it in BIOS doesn't seem to override the software settings within XP at all.

    I'll be hunting for a way to do it without 3rd party software, only to keep boot times to a minimum (i take pride in having a fast system and keeping it fast).
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