popping and cracking during record/playback/and while just sitting idle
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Thread: popping and cracking during record/playback/and while just sitting idle

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    Default popping and cracking during record/playback/and while just sitting idle

    i recently bought the protools m-powered 7.v.3 and put it on an xp system that has the service pack three, all the propper usb drives, did all the option optimizations, had protools help me install the program and get the program to recognize my fast track ultra 8r. but now that im in the program i am getting annoying pops and clicks and cracks at random while im playing back, recording, and while im just sitting idle, has anyone encountered this problem and have a solution? i have read several other threads and all the faq's where they told me to do the optimizations and buffering and such and none of them fix the problem......please ANYONE! help!!!!!

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    im sorry theres a typo it was protools m-powered 7.4.2 with the most recent update

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    Did you read the thread about posting your system specs?
    CLICK HERE BEFORE POSTING Help us help you. Post system specs and detailed information
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    I'm not M-Audio tech support. I'm a user just like you and I'll try to help. If you solve a problem please post what worked for you.

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    yes, the only problem with that is that my studio doesnt have the net so im having to get info on how to fix this problem while im at home, im also trying to get the specs but its alot of stuff to try and write down seein as how my comp doesnt have a printer at my studio either, i will get those asap, i do know that the guy from protools had me tell him my specs and he said everything should work just fine but that might have just been to install the program, ill get those specs asap

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    i got the system specs, please any help from anyone!!!!!

    PC Wizard 2008 Version 1.871

    Owner: Your User Name
    Organisation: Your Company Name
    User: Lando
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
    Report Date: Friday 26 December 2008 at 19:31


    <<< System Summary >>>

    > Manufacturer : Alienware Corp.

    > Mainboard : Asus <P4T-E>

    > Chipset : Intel i850

    > Processor : Intel Pentium 4 @ 2000 MHz

    > Physical Memory : 1024 MB (2 x 512 RDRAM )

    > Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

    > Hard Disk : ST360021A (60 GB)

    > CD-Rom Drive : PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W2410A

    > DVD-Rom Drive : SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616F

    > Monitor Type : Hewlett Packard MX70 - 16 inches

    > Network Card : Intel Corporation 82550/1/7/8/9 EtherExpress PRO/100(B) Ethernet Adapter

    > Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3

    > DirectX : Version 9.0c (November 2006)

    ***** End of report *****

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    Try other USB ports on the computer.

    Turn down the graphics acceleration.

    Disable any bluetooth and wireless network connections.

    Check out the USB Audio Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to common USB audio problems.

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    My M-Audio device worked flawlessly until I installed the new driver. As soon as I installed it, snap crackle pop. The driver on the cd that came with my device didn't produce any kind of snap crackle or pop at all. So, I uninstalled the new driver and reinstalled the old driver.

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    sweet, i actually tried that but for some reason it didnt work, so what ive done is just totally taken it out of that computer and installed it on a windows vista 64 bit with the new driver for 64bit, now the only problem that im having is that only my first headphone output is working, the other does not work at all....i dont know if this is a flaw in the driver for te 64 bit that they will fix in the near future, but it really sux for me cause it means i can either hear the playback in head phones or the playback in my monitors, theres no way to hear both....does anyone know if they are looking to fix this?

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    1) If you want to use the second headphone output, then launch the Fast Track Ultra 8R control panel and click on the Monitor 3/4 tab and turn up Software Returns 1 and 2.

    2) There should be no problem using both the speakers and the headphones at the same time because the control for those are independant of each other.

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    i recorded some great drum tracks, and decided to 'optimize my system' as recommended, and it has been a nightmare ever since. I never had pops or clicks before, and now i cannot even use my m-audio for recording, and for good playback, i have to kill all my effects. Very disappointed, and i am not sure where the system optimization went wrong to make my life miserable. I have 1 and only 1 good useable recorded drum track (consisting of 5 tracks to make 1 drum part).
    Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop
    Intel Pentium M processor 1.70GHz, 209 MHz,
    1.49 Gb of ram
    Windows XP SP3
    Fast track Ultra 8R

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