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Thread: Oxygen 49 Keyboard not recognized? RESOLVED

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    Default Oxygen 49 Keyboard not recognized? RESOLVED

    Hello, first of all thanks for having these forums. I fell in love with my Oxygen 49 in matter of seconds, after buying it and trying it at home. Works like a dream with Reason 4.0 and everything is so easily controllable. But now I came a serious problem, which is driving me insane..

    Make/Model: Oxygen 49
    Operating System: Windows
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+
    RAM: 1024MB DDR2
    M-Audio Devices & Driver Versions: Drivers on latest version (downloaded from M-Audio website)

    Programs: Reason 4.0 and MIDI-OX (recommended by M-Audio)
    Connection: USB

    I installed over a month ago Oxygen 49, worked just fine and there were no problems. Every control as assigned worked perfectly, no problems with playing keys. But now suddenly, when I took my computer to the studio and unplugged Oxygen 49 USB cable and came back to home, I couldn't get it working. I've been trying things for two weeks, but nothing seems to work and I'm about to break, I've read manuals and done everything I can - So now I really need your help.

    MIDI-OX: Doesn't recognize any midi input
    Reason 4.0 (Updated v7 to find Oxygen 49 on keyboard listing): Doesn't recognize the keyboard

    Removed all drivers, with uninstall and without (also manually removed all drivers).
    I don't plug the keyboard, before everything is installed.
    Plug it in, windows finds a new equipment (USB M-AUDIO OXYGEN 49)
    It installs it automaticly and says the keyboard is ready for use.
    After this tried powering off Oxygen and on again to see, if it is going to do it twice. Then it should be there, but nothing. Still can't recognize it.
    I tried even restarting computer after I installed and plugged in Oxygen 49, but nothing. Still nothing. Tried different USB ports, nope. Not working.

    This isn't a problem with Reason only, but Midi-OX too? What is going on? Why did it work perfectly before and now it's not... recognizing it? It powers up the Oxygen and I see all numbers on Oxygen monitor and everything changes if a move a control, but yet.. my computer is..

    What can I do from here? I would appreciate all help, because I need to get this keyboard working so I can continue on my upcoming projects.

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    Have you installed any new software or updates recently?

    Are you able to test the keyboard on a different computer?

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    Default same deal with my Oxygen 49

    Had my Oxygen 49 installed and ran it on WIndows XP without a problem with Reason 4. I wiped my hard drive with a clean re-install of XP with all service packs and updates. I re-installed Reason 4, re-installed Oxygen 49 with the latest driver from M-Audio's website. Now Reason 4 can not see the keyboard at all. No matter what I do it's still dead in the water. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the MA_CMIDI_WDM_4.2.03v4 driver with no effect. I tried uninstalling MA_CMIDI_WDM_4.2.03v4 and installing the version that was included on the product CD but it's not working either.

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    Default update

    Keyboard works fine on Reason 4.0.1 on Vista so it's not a problem with the keyboard. It's simply not recognized by Reason in Windows XP. I have uninstalled XP SP3 hoping that might help and played with USB hubs power management in device manager. Nada... It's just not working with XP. How weird. I am ready to reformat the C: drive and reinstall XP from scratch, again, and see it that helps. What a freaking hassle this has been...

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    Ok. this keyboard works fine on one of my computers but not the other. Both run on Windows XP Pro with sp2. i've done everything as far as re-installing M-Audio drivers, checking my computers drivers etc. Tried different USB ports and unhooked any other USB devices. Still no go. Windows reports detecting the Keyboard just fine. But it does not appear in Midi Devices.

    I've had this same "EXACT" problem with my M-Audio MidiSport 2x2. I think the issue of the device detecting successfully but not showing up in midi devices with both products is directly related. Maby M-Audio needs to review their midi device products and drivers and pin-point the problem. I am a computer technician, and would gladly help with any information needed.
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    If it shows up in the device manager but not in applications, the usually indicates an IRQ conflict or other system resource issue. If the keyboards work on other systems, you know the keyboard is fine. The Oxygen 49 is class compliant and doesn't require drivers, so if it's not being recognized class compliant by applications, it isn't an issue with the M-Audio driver.

    Is the keyboard identified as Oxygen 49 in the Device Manager or USB Audio Device? If it shows up as USB Audio Device, right-click and choose update driver. If prompted to connected to Windows update, choose no. You want to install from a list or specific location, and on the following page, choose don't search I will choose the driver. In the list you should be able to select the M-Audio driver if it's been installed.

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    Default Driver specific location

    Hi all,

    I have exactly this problem (keyboard recognized as USB Audio Device under the Device Manager, driver manufacturer: (Generic USB Audio), location: Location 0 (USB Oxigen 49)), and was trying to "use specific location" and choose the M-Audio Driver, but I don't know where it is.

    I've installed MA_CMIDI_WDM_4.2.03v4.exe but the device manager won't accept this .exe as the driver location and I don't know where this app installs the actual driver. Can anyone help?


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    OK, got it. reinstalled, chose "don't search, I'll choose the driver" and the Oxygen 49 driver appeared under "show compatible devices". now it's up and running.

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    Um Having the same problem but tested on another computer,
    the problem is it wont install the "multimedia Audio Controller" like on the other computer it finds it and add's it, but its not working on my computer now for some reason

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    Angry Oxygen 49 recognised by windows but still not working


    I recently re-installed windows xp and found that my oxygen 49 was not recognised. Followed the instructions above and manually added the driver from specific location. Windows detected the keyboard and it seemed to be working, seeing oxygen 49 drivers in device manager.

    Opened cubase sx 3.0 which I use as my host/studio and the keyboard wasn't available.

    Installed Midi-OX to test input and when playing a few notes on the keyboard it picks up midi data but then stops suddenly.This is a full re-install of windows xp and updated to service pack 3. Had this setup running for 2 years with absolutely no problems

    Have tried the keyboard on my laptop running vista 32-bit with midi-ox to test and it picks up midi data perfectly so definitely no problems with the keyboard.

    This is driving me f***ing insane , any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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