Help with Seting up xponent (no sound from headphone plug)
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Thread: Help with Seting up xponent (no sound from headphone plug)

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    Default Help with Seting up xponent (no sound from headphone plug)

    Hi all, ive just hooked up the xponent to my pc, im getting no sound out of the headphone plug. Currently ive got the xponent running through usb to the PC, ive got the sound running through my creative Xfi Elite Pro Sound Card.
    Im thinking interference mite be happening because my studio monitor speakers are connected to the headphone jack on my external I/O unit that comes with the sound card. I was told its the only way I can connect the monitor speakers. Here are a couple of pictures of how I connected the speakers Ive got a 2rca cable with one plug in each speaker and a splitter connected to the I/O external sound card:

    Ive tried running xponent with the I/O external card disconnected to see if I could get any sound out of xponents headphone plug, ive also tried it on vista and xp with the latest drivers and nothing.
    The thing thats got me the most confused is I had windows media player give me sound through the xponent headphone plug for like 10 seconds and then nothing, im thinking it mite be faulty but its more than likely my setup. Ive also tried Virtual dj and torq 1.5. Any help would be really appreciated, Im still having fun but I really need to be able to que up tracks with headphones, it would be a normal dj setup then.

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    Wow.... where to start....

    Is the X-Fi set up as your default sound card?

    Have you tried setting the Xponent as your default sound card?

    What are your settings with Torq for sound card choice and Input/Output selection?

    I looked at your pictures and you have an unbalanced connection going into a TRS balanced socket on the back of the monitors. You really should convert from an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal using something like the EbTech Line Level Shifter. And a headphone output isn't always a good idea to use to drive line level devices.

    I'd drop the internal sound card choices and use the Xponent. I'd hook from the RCA cables to 1/4" TS cables into an EbTech Line Level Shifter. From that I'd use a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS cable to hook to the monitors.

    I'm going to have to look at the X-Fi's connections online to get some more information... but at first glance, that's what I'd do.

    On another note... you might want to pop over to The guys there are far more versed in the Xponent and using it with various software applications including Torq.
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