M-Audio Axiom 25 & Enigma Editor ???
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Thread: M-Audio Axiom 25 & Enigma Editor ???

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    Default M-Audio Axiom 25 & Enigma Editor ???

    I am about to purchase an Axiom 25. After a feature-by-feature comparison with the E-Mu Xboard 25, I decided I prefer the Axiom (mostly because the Axiom has infinite-range knobs and 2 pedal inputs).

    The thing that concerns me is whether the Axiom's MIDI setup (assigning CC messages to knobs, etc.) is easily configured with the Enigma software editor/librarian.

    The E-Mu XBoard manual has a whole section explaining how easy it is to use their XBoard Control software to configure the MIDI controls of the XBoard with simple click/drag actions.

    The Axiom manual doesn't even mention using the Enigma software to configure the device -- it only mentions using it to save/recall presets. The Axiom web page says you can "manage an entire preset library" with the Enigma software, but it doesn't say whether that means only saving/recalling presets or if you can also use the software to configure the MIDI setup of the Axiom.

    The Enigma web page does not include the Axiom 25 in the list of "supported products", but does say that the software is available to owners of the Axiom 25. What does that mean? Does the software only provide a limited set of features for the Axiom 25?

    Can you let me know if I will be able to use the Enigma software to configure the Axiom's MIDI setup? Or will I need to do all the setup/programming from the Axiom itself, and just use Enigma to save/recall the presets?

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    Yes, Enigma supports Axiom 25 and can be used to make, save, upload and download presets between your computer and Axiom.

    There's an Enigma getting started guide here on the forum so you can see if it's what you need...




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    Great news. I just wanted to be sure, since what I saw on the M-Audio web site wasn't crystal clear to me.

    I can purchase today and have a fun-filled weekend!

    Best Regards,

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    hi to all..first i would like to say thanks to all members and admins here who tirelessly answers every questions in this forum.
    i recently sold my keyrig25 and bought an axiom 25. no problem with setting up with my vista-run laptop and in reason 3.0..
    downloaded and installed enigma and edit/create a preset for reason.
    still im confused how this preset things works.
    you choose a preset, say 7 for reason mixer. is this suppose to control the mixer only? or if i set preset 8,subtractor, will i able to use only my midi controler for subtractor? i created modules like subtractor, malstrom, etc..but when i put the presets in the assigned function it never works..
    can someone please explain clearly how to assign controls in my axiom25 for reason 3.0
    any suggestions are welcome.
    many thanks to all.

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    Factory default presets 7-12 are already mapped to various devices in Reason. In order to control the mixer, you need to create a sequencer track for the mixer. To a control a particluar device, select the device in Reason's sequencer, then recall the corresponding preset on the Axiom.

    If you look at the FAQ's thread at the top of this section, there are links to Axiom setup guides for Reason 3; you can control all devices with Preset 10.

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