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    so, this is my first post! If any-one could oblige i would be most grateful, but also could i request that i am but a humble bass player..... and after about 6 years abstention from home recording am returning to it now that i all of a sudden want to again.

    So, i'm not really clued up on all the tech processes and in particular midi, so if you could breakme in gently that would also be appreciated!

    So, in my infinite wisdom i purchased a midi-controller thinking to myself for value wise it would solve multitude of problems..... i would have a decentworking set of keys that not only could i set it up so that i could play all the nice midi voices to my hearts content..... i could also have a platform for twiddling knobs and faders and making bleepy noises etc.....

    Except being the idiot that i am...... i can't seem to set it up on reaper so that i can assign all the knobs and faders a channel.... or able to load midi sounds to be triggered from the keyboard!

    If any-one can make sense of ths ramble an has ay knowledge they could pass on to me....... i would be forever gratefull to you!

    any help?

    please?...... everyone likes bass players!don't they?

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    oh aye, the controller i bought was an oxygen 49 if that's any help. I also downloaded enigma....except it doesn't seem to have a template for reaper.... which is a bit of a bummer.

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    I'm not really familiar with Reaper. I found this guide for using MIDI learn; this should help you start assigning knobs/sliders/etc:

    I found this link that talks about using VST instruments:

    I don't know what instruments reapter includes, but you can download free VST plugins from Don't Crack:

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    Default cheers

    Thanks much.... i shalllookinto these. When i tried to get information i just ended up getting into quite a pickle!

    anyway appreciated.


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    gingerutopia, I recommend checking out the Reaper forums here, there's lots of threads about M-Audio controllers if I recall correctly. Also, the new Reaper 3 beta has many enhancements in the MIDI control area if you're up for using their beta stuff.

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