M-Audio Producer USB Device Not Connecting
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Thread: M-Audio Producer USB Device Not Connecting

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    Default M-Audio Producer USB Device Not Connecting

    I followed the directions to the letter to download my M-Audio Producer USB microphone to my Mac OS X 10.5.7...multiple times. I went to www.m-audio.com/tech and followed their directions, downloaded the driver updates for our computer. But our computer still does not recognize the device.
    I tried to contact their Tech Support, registered, and immediately received the following message on their Customer Web Portal "Idle Timeout. We have ended your session. Due to a lack of activity during your current session we have logged you off. Please log on again if you wish to continue." How can I have a lack of activity if I never even got to my "current session"?? And yes, I did wish to continue, so I logged on again, and received the same message.
    I called and sat on hold for a half hour.

    And it seemed like it should be so easy.

    So I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

    Recap: I bought the M-Audio Producer USB microphone version 1.7v3. I have a Mac OS X 10.5.7. I have downloaded the updated driver off the M-Audio website. THEN I connected the USB as directed. The microphone light comes on. But the computer does not recognize the device.


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    <moved to USB Audio Series section>

    Does the Producer USB power on when connected via USB (Blue LED in the grill)? Have you tested with a different cable?

    If you go to System Preferences>Sound>Output Tab, does Producer USB appear?

    Regarding the problems with Web Portal, Firefox is required for Mac Users; this timeout issue only affects Safari.

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